Worship at Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

Worship at Holy Trinity

Our worship service is open to all, no matter your church background. The great premise of this church is that it is joyful to be a Christian, and we try to enrich your stay here by emphasizing that proposition. We want you to return to your home church with positive thoughts in mind and with Christ in your heart.

Worship Schedule

Worship services are held every Sunday morning at nine o'clock from June 16th, 2019 through September 1st, 2019.

Kathleen Bishop

Kathleen Bishop

Hello! I am Holy Trinity's recently hired Priest for the 2019 summer season. This is a huge honor and I am eager to meet you on June 16, "opening day," as I understand! Looking over the history, both recent and long-ago, it is obvious that Holy Trinity has soaked up the love from generations of summer visitors. I look forward to this new chapter. Call it kismet or call it the work of the Holy Spirit, but as it turns out, June 16 is also Holy Trinity Sunday in the Church calendar. Voila!

Since 2011 when I was ordained a Priest, I have been fortunate to serve many different churches on a part time basis. I feel enriched by the diversity of wonderful congregations that I serve frequently in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Even though they are all Episcopal churches, like Holy Trinity, each one has its own beauty and special graces. Having said that, I will relish the experience of being in one place every Sunday for the Summer!

My husband Jim and I live in Long Branch with our dog Daria. We overlook the boardwalk and have become true Jersey Shore denizens. Jim, who is also a Priest, can be found most Sundays assisting at St. Georges-by-the-river in Rumson.

During the week I have a private practice of Marriage and Family Therapy in Long Branch. As my doctorate is in Psychology and Religion, the intersection of the holy and the wholistic continues to inspire me and inform my homilies. I also regularly teach MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), most recently as part of Hackensack-Meridian hospital's department of Integrative Medicine. Mindfulness meditation is the secular version of contemplative prayer and has deep roots in Anglican tradition. This is what sustains me.

My deepest commitment, however, is to the Body of Christ that assembles every Sunday morning to join our voices with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven. This is us! I do hope many of you reading this post will join us on June 16.

Until then,


Map to Happiness: Straightforward Advice on Everyday Issues Map to Happiness: Straightforward Advice on Everyday Issues

Father Peter K. Stimpson, a former priest here, served as the Executive Director of Trinity Counseling Service in Princeton, New Jersey. He has written a popular advice column in a number of newspapers since 1983, and his book, Map to Happiness: Straightforward Advice on Everyday Issues, was published in 2008 and can be found on Amazon.com.

Chapel Liturgical Staff

The Reverend Dr. Kathleen BishopVicar
The Reverend Barbara Cawthorne CraftonVicar Emeritus
The Reverend Peter K. StimpsonVicar Emeritus
David CitronMinister of Music