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1904 Bates & Culley Pipe Organ

The Organ at Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

Holy Trinity, Spring Lake has an unrestored (but beautifully maintained) 1904 Bates & Culley pipe organ.

At the time of the installation, though Spring Lake had not yet been fully electrified, municipal water service was available and free. As such, the organ was originally operated by a water motor. The original feeder bellows are still in working order although the water motor is long gone. The bellows are now powered by an electric motor.

The chimes were installed some time after the organ was built and were originally operated by lead/acid batteries. There is a rheostat on the swell shade linkage to control the volume of the chimes.

There is a "mystery door" to the right of the key desk—there are hinges on the case panel but there is no way that the door can be opened as it is partially behind the key desk.

The gemshorn is cylindrical rather than the usual conical construction. This may not have been unusual in that era as the 1896 Haskell organ at Seabright United Methodist Church has such a rank as well. It is generally quite rare, however.

(Special thanks to Alan Binger, organ curator, for providing the details above)

Audio Example: Bach: Jesu, meine Freude
Audio Example: Mathias: Fanfare
Swell (encl.) 
Open Diapason8
Stopped Diapason8
Vox Celeste8
Flute Harmonique4
Great (encl.) 
Open Diapason (unencl. facade)8
Sub Bass16
14 ranks, 780 pipes
Tracker action
Swell Forte, Swell Piano, Full Organ, Great Piano pedals
Couplers including Sw. Super Octave to Gt.
Curator: Alan Binger, Organbuilder, Inc.
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1904 Bates & Culley at Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

1904 Bates & Culley at Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

1904 Bates & Culley at Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

1904 Bates & Culley at Holy Trinity, Spring Lake