Stained Glass at Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

History of Holy Trinity

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (building number 91000116), is the oldest church in Spring Lake.

The church was built between 1880 and 1881. The Sea Side, a local paper, reported that the groundbreaking took place on September 17, 1880. Building began in January, 1881 and the first church service was held on Sunday, July 3rd, 1881. The church represents a significant local interpretation of the Stick Style Gothic Revival church architecture.

Exterior of Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

The high, steep Gothic roof is fourty-five feet at its peak and was finished with the original slate for 130 years. In 2011, the slate was replaced to create a nearly-identical new roof.

The delicate buttresses, soaring dark wood vaulting and splendidly colorful stained lancet windows by J&R Lamb Studios depicting biblical scenes all combine to form an ensemble which is rare indeed.

Interior of Holy Trinity, Spring Lake

The impressive and historical Bates & Culley tracker organ, with its polychrome pipes of blue, rose, and gold, was made in Philadelphia and installed in 1904. The gloriously proportioned resonances of this exceptionally fine Edwardian instrument are exhibited within the near perfect acoustical configuration of the structure.

Its understated elegance and turn-of-the-century ambiance have made this church a favorite site for weddings, baptisms and musical functions.